Guangdong Fuwa Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
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              Home > About > Technical Strength

              Technical Strength


                      Today, Fuwa Group possess nearly 600 patenttechnology. Outstanding technical strength is the intangible assets of Fuwa Group,is the important Soft Power to improve enterprise competitiveness, maintain thecompany leading position of the industry.


                      Fuwa products are sold all over the world. The quality and varioustechnical indicators of the products reached the quality certificationstandards of the main markets of the world years ago, such as: AXN seriesproducts fully meet the standard of FMVSS, VALX axle test standard is carriedout in accordance with the European TUV certification standards, KH seriesproducts certified by Australian ADR, Fuwa drive axle and front axle arecertified with Ford Q1. Besides, the group are certified with ISO9001:2008,ISO/TS16949:2009 and ISO14001 etc., Complete, standardized and effectivequality system is the reflection of the strong competitiveness of Fuwa, it is alsothe International Passport for Fuwa products being famous all over the world.

              Themost representative techniques:

                      Fuwa’s talented creation of One-pieceBeam With Hot Formed Spindles has broken through the traditional process ofthree sections welding. This new design thoroughly resolved the fatal problemsexisting in traditional production process and owns incomparable advantages inanti-deforming, anti-fatigue, anti-bending and service life. Own to thesuperstrong bearing capacity, Fuwa axles kee popular in the market.

                      Fuwa one-piece forging housing for driveaxle guarantees affectively the strength, makes it more sturdy and durable. 

                      The new type of Fuwa axle is integrated with multiple creative technique in braking system, which are featured with high sensitive and efficient braking, stable mechanical and thermal performance, low peak stress and low noise, guarantee the safe operation.

                      Fuwa one-piece front axle has been patented as new technique, which is formed with one piece round tube. It is more sturdy and durable, less weight, improves the tire life.

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